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My editing experience is mainly in AP Style, though I have edited in Chicago Style as well, and I can quickly adapt to new rules and styles. In addition, I have taken general editing courses toward my major and regularly review my peers' work for writing classes.

In my time working at the Minnesota Daily I have become very familiar with AP Style, but the paper also has its own guide, called Daily Style. Learning and developing Daily Style has taught me the importance of keeping a style book throughout a job, or updating one that already exists.

Besides style and grammatical editing, I am a trained fact-checker with a keen eye for detail and a relentless drive for complete accuracy.

​Feel free to contact me with any editing inquiries or projects!

I have been using the Adobe Creative Suite for about seven years, since I started working on my high school yearbook. I am most familiar with InDesign and Photoshop, but I have experience with Illustrator as well.

I have designed postcards, newspaper pages, t-shirts, book covers, and company logos, and I'm always up for new challenges.

I love collaborating with clients and coworkers to create just the right look for their projects, and doing so keeps work interesting. The challenge of creating the perfect design is always exciting.

Check out my portfolio for samples of my work, and feel free to contact me with any design inquiries or projects!


Majoring in Scientific and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota has provided me many opportunities to improve my writing skills.

Classes in this major focus on taking technical information and simplifying it for popular audiences. Doing so forces me to understand the subject matter and to be clear and concise when I write.

The following courses, among others, have given me valuable writing experience:
-Technical and Professional Writing
-Business and Professional Writing
-Writing with Digital Technologies
-Writing on Issues of Science and Technology

​Feel free to contact me with any writing inquiries or projects!

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